Monday, September 27, 2010

October Exhibit

Gallery IS presents "Compute This!", a new feature exhibition by Local Jewellery Designer, Elizabeth Ferchuk.

"Working as a technology tutor, I always wondered what it would be like to create something out of the computer parts that I saw every day. I always found myself thinking, 'How can I combine my love for beading and jewellery design with these keyboards keys, wires and computer chips?’. That’s what brought about my idea for “Compute This!”, my conceptual jewellery exhibit.

While creating and working on my pieces for this show, my main focus was to have fun and to be creative. I wanted to produce pieces that aren’t your common everyday ones, something out of the ordinary.

Even though my methods of creating are traditional, as in my usual jewellery designs, the materials aren’t. I have combined computer keys, wires, chips, beads, and crystals into wearable art for the Techno Goddess. Even the colour schemes are based on computers and technology.

As companion pieces, I have also incorporated some cross-stitch pieces into the show. I drew the subjects from online chatting and texting. They represent the symbols and new language of our modern, everyday life. "

This exhibition is on display from Sept 28th to Oct 30th.
Opening Reception is First Friday, Oct 1st from 6-9pm.
Everyone is welcome.

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