Thursday, November 22, 2007

Second Annual Miniatures Exhibit and Sale

Special Christmas Holiday Hours Starting on:
Wednesday December 19- 11am until 4pm
Friday December 21- 11am open late until 8pm
Saturday December 22 - 10am until 5pm
Sunday December 23- 12 until 4pm
Monday December 24- 11am until 2pm
Appointments available for alternate dates and times
Call 403-341-4641 if you would like to book
Miniatures on Sale Now at Gallery IS
Jeri-Lynn Ing- Black Bird Singing, acrylic, sold

Marie Banville- Green Abstract- Encaustic $175.00

Susan Woolgar- Winter Solstice, Pastel, Sold

Ed Bennett- Landscape No 1, Watercolour, $50.00 Framed

Susan Woolgar- Fall Asters, Pastel, $280 framed. SOLD.

Dear Friends.

The Gallery IS invites you to our 2007 Miniatures Exhibit. This special show features miniature works of art by our represented artists and also juried works by local artists. All of the work is small and so are the prices. You can find wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones, or start a collection of your own.

The show runs from Nov 26th to Dec 24th, 07.
Get a special sneak peak at the work by attending our pre-show and sale on Sunday, Nov 25th from noon - 3:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you over the holiday season.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November 2007

Lost - Jeri-Lynn Ing
Acrylic on Canvas 9 x 12

All new work is now available at Gallery IS as of November 7, 2007. Please come in and check out some of the work available from Kate More, Vivian Bennett, Debbie Hunter, Lisa Munroe and Gordon Cannon who display and sell exclusively at Gallery IS in Red Deer.

Kate More

Seed Catalogue No 9 $165
Oil on Board 5 x 6.5"

Seed Catalogue No 7 $145
Oil on Board 4 x 4

Seed Catalogue No 4 $155
Oil on Board 4 x 6"

Seed Catalogue No 10 $165
Oil On Board 6.5 x 7.5"

March Light $425
Oil On Board 9 x 10.5"

November Sky $425
Oil on Board 8.5 x 14

Vivian Bennett

Her Decision $240
Acrylic on Canvas 3 inch depth 12" x 12"

I Don't Have to Tell $240

I will make the Decision $240

She's just a Sweetheart $240

The Coffee Date $1400
Acrylic on Canvas-30 x 40 Inches

When Mellie and Lauren Came to Visit $1400
Acrylic on Canvas - 30 x 40 Inches

3 Blind Geese Framed $425
Acrylic on Canvas 9 x 12
Antique Gold Frame, 22 x 20" with 2 .5 " linen liner

Lisa Munroe

Landscape $445

7 x 7 " Lino Cut

13 x 13 framed black metal/3" white matt

Debbie Hunter

King of the Garden $900- 30 x 30- acrylic on canvas

More Glads -SOLD - 12 x 12 "- acrylic on canvas

More Blooms, More Red $1260 30 x 40 -acrylic on canvas

Glads- $275 - 12 x 12 acrylic on canvas

Gordon Cannon

Mother of the North- $400 16 x 24 -oil on canvas

Dream Girl- $300 12 x 20 -oil on canvas

King of the Mountain- $460- 18 x 22 -oil on canvas

Cliff Walker - 12 x 16 -oil on canvas Sold

Red Deer Romance -$350- 18 x 24 -oil on canvas

See you soon and remember the 2nd annual miniature show for all your artlovers Christmas needs. Starting November 25, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A First Solo Show by Corinne Anderton

Gallery IS, is pleased to present the first solo show by local artist Corinne Anderton, "Revelations: Revealing the Divine".
Corinne's vision for her solo opportunity is an installation centering around fabric and encaustic painting with wax . An avid and experienced quilter, Corinne will explore the possibilities of fibre art in a 3D environment.
Expect the unexpected from this experimental artist.

Join us in celebration with the artist on Nov 9th, from 6:00 - 8:00pm. Everyone is welcome and admission is free.
Show runs from Nov 5th to Nov 24th.