Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another First At Gallery IS

Gallery IS, is once again hosting the first solo exhibit by a great local artist. 'Unopened Doors' will be the first exhibition by up and coming photographer Sandy Warren.

Sandy creates some really wonderful pieces by combining her lifetime of travels in Italy, with a unique decorative style.

'Unopened Doors is a collection based on photographs taken during my travels to Italy over the last ten years. My passion for Italy has led to many trips where I have taken innumerable photographs in an attempt to capture the essence of everything that I love about the country.

One of the main focuses of my photographs is doors. Doorways in Italy are like the people of Italy….every one is striking in its own unique way. What lies beyond the entrance remains a mystery in most cases, but our imagination allows us to envisage anything. Sitting in the shadows of an ancient cobbled street, a dilapitated door that appears to have been unopened for many years may actually open onto an amazing courtyard brimming with life.

Each photograph is reproduced onto a tumbled travertine tile to merge the look of the architecture of Italy with the weather worn appeal of travertine. The completed tiles are then displayed individually or grouped together and framed on metal or wood to make a complete statement.

Whether it’s a photo of a beautiful old door, a pigeon sitting on the ledge of a 1000 year old window sill or a string of laundry hanging out to dry, I hope I have captured just a fraction of what makes and has made Italy so alluring to such a variety of people throughout history

Please join us for the Artist reception on First Friday May 7th, from 6-9 pm to celebrate this achievement.
The exhibit will be on display from May 4th to 29th.

See you soon.

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