Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One A Day Paintings By Erika and Jeri-Lynn

Come and pay a visit to Gallery IS in June and July to see the progress of The One a Day Painting Project. This challenge was taken up by Gallery owners Erika Schulz and Jeri-Lynn Ing beginning January first of 2009. By visiting the gallery in June you will get to see 6 months worth of artwork! An achievement all on its own and the year is only half over.
35th street. Number 84, by Jeri-Lynn Ing
Jeri-Lynn's inspiration is drawn from daily walks in her neibourhood, and around Red Deer. You may recognize a street, or tree, or some familiar landmark from the area.
Face Off 3: Parrot. April 24th, by Erika Schulz.
Erika works in series of 7. Each week she chooses a subject that interests her and works away on 7 pieces that vary that theme. Its whatever is interesting to her at the time.
"One A Days" will be on display in the gallery from Friday June 5th, to July 31st, 2009. The show will be updated as pieces are created by the artists, so there will be something new to see every week. Each piece of artwork is for sale, and its first to come, first to own.
Artists reception is on First Friday, June 5th. From 6-9 pm, everyone is welcome.

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