Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hours, Moves, and Floods

Dear Friends

We have to thank you in advance for your patience. There are many things happening at Gallery IS.

First, we would like to apologize for the erratic hours of late. With the cold weather, the low numbers of visitors, and recently a burst pipe, we haven't been able to keep regular hours. If you need to view some artwork and we are not at the Gallery, we encourage you to arrange for an appointment, and we will be glad to meet you.

You read that right, we have had a flood. Unfortunately this has created a myriad of problems, and we are very sorry for this. Fortunately we escaped without any damages to anything other than the space itself.

With all the goings on our plans to move on the 28th of March, to our new space on Alexander Way, might be happening a little sooner than expected. Keep an eye here for more information, or you can always just give us a call too.

Stay tuned, and see you very soon.
Erika Schulz and Jeri-Lynn Ing. Owners.

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