Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Enchanted By The Seasons ~ September Exhibit

Gallery IS presents its newest solo show, "Enchanted by the Seasons".

This exhibit is the first ever solo by local jewellery designer Elizabeth Ferchuk.

Her work will be featured in the Gallery from September 1st to September 27th, 08.

We hope you will make a point to come and see this unique display of custom made, sculptural beadwork.

This is what Elizabeth has to say about her work ...

"Enchanted by the Seasons
The seasons and all their glorious colours, both in nature and the ones traditionally associated with them, are what provided the inspiration for Elizabeth Ferchuk’s first solo show, Enchanted by the Seasons. From a simple flower in her backyard garden, a shimmering fall landscape, snow-capped trees or the summer skies at midnight, nothing is off limits to providing ideas. She finds that all the wonderful colour combinations provide such inspiration, that it’s quite an enchanting feeling when a design is thought up and begins to come to life. The pieces in the show are a mix, some are simple and eloquently stated and others are quite sculptural and expressive. "

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