Monday, July 21, 2008

CenterFest and a Book Signing at Gallery IS

On the weekend of July 26th and 27th, the Downtown will once again be taken over by Center Fest, our yearly street preformers festival. Gallery IS will be open and active in this event.

Our special hours will be:

Saturday, 11am-6pm.

Sunday, Noon -4pm.

On Saturday you will deffinately want to visit our gallery. You will see artist demos, as well as a Book Signing by Local Author and artist Sara Steeves Dudenhoeffer.

This last February, Sara Steeves Dudenhoeffer released the first book of her new series of youth fiction novels. The book is titled "Horse on the Loose" and even as a fiction novel, it incorporates many of her personal experiences. Although this series is mainly written for a younger crowd, it touches upon many issues including growing pains, cultural differences, and environmental issues. Sara grew up in a town just North West of Red Deer called Rimbey. She spent much of her childhood on horseback and finds nature to be her biggest inspiration both as an author and artist.

She will be autographing copies of her novel, "Horse on the Loose" at Gallery IS on Saturday, July 26th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Please be sure to drop by and get your copy signed.

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